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– Expand your clientele

– Increase the quality of your shoots with our affordable rental equipment

– Network with other like-minded professionals

It’s time to get serious about pursuing your goals, invest in your passion, and fast-track your growth. If you want to continually increase your skill set or if you’ve felt stagnant in your growth, now is the time to change that!

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Take a behind-the-scenes look into real, commercial photoshoots in a variety of industries. Our Case Studies demistify lighting setups, art direction, equipment recommendations, and provide achieveable practical advice for you to apply at your next shoot.


We break down the essentials in 6 areas: Business, Camera Basics, Lighting, Studio, Equipment, and Post-Production. The Fundamentals are designed to be simple, practical and easily absorbed, written by our educators with real-world experience. Learn more to feel comfortable and confident in any shoot environment.


When it comes to creativity, we’re better together. Our active community participates in workshops, forums, contests, and networking events to develop relationships with mentors and peers while gaining hands-on experience. VIP members also benefit from personalized guidance, coaching, feedback, and support; it’s like having your own pocket consultant.


Get the tools you need to create next-level projects. We provide industry standard equipment rentals at affordable rates to encourage growth in the visual arts and film community. Members enjoy 20% off EVERYTHING in our store, equipment rental and rental of our 5000 sq. ft. photography and film studio.


Our exclusive guides cover a wide variety of content, from equipment specifications to production solutions such as posing, lighting, and client interaction. We strive to provide timeless, authentic, and accurate information to support and inspire you throughout your career. You can keep these guides with you during a shoot and always be on top of things! Happy browsing!


Our Member Showcase allows you to share your best work, promote your business, and connect with our community. Your profile includes your business name and email so potential clients and fellow photographers can reach out to you with inquiries. Don’t miss out on getting discovered!


Visionspire is a professional network, educational platform, and resource site made by photographers for photographers. 

We believe that the path to success can be made more accessible and inclusive. That’s why we developed an immersive platform pairing educational resources with practical, real-world application. Regardless of skill or experience level, all are welcome in our community.

Our 7-day free trial offer will allow you to explore the site, engage with us and start learning from our case studies, fundamentals and how-to videos immediately.

We believe that you’ll find this educational and exciting and if not, you can cancel your membership at any time.

7-Day Free Trial Policy

*7 Day Free Trial is valid for all New Regular Members and all New VIP Members only who have not activated this trial previously in either capacity. Visionspire reserves the right to cancel any membership for those who have previously activated this free trial once, regardless of whether it was a Regular or VIP membership. Any attempt to defraud Visionspire by a single unique user creating multiple accounts to access the 7 Day Free Trial will result in an immediate ban from the website and Visionspire may seek to file a claim for loss of income against the user. All terms and conditions apply during the trial period and all cancellations must be cancelled within the Member Account dashboard. If you did not receive a confirmation of your cancellation, please contact us immediately by writing to cancel your membership. We are not responsible for cancellations that are not effective due to user error, technical issues or failure to contact us in writing. Since this is a consumeable product providing information and education digitally, no refunds can be issued once the membership has been activated and our digital product has been accessed.


“Visionspire gave me resources and inspiration that I have been looking for! I’m looking forward to meeting many more people in the community.”

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